Principal Investigator


Amy M. Peterson

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
PhD, Chemical Engineering, Drexel University, 2011
BS, Chemical Engineering, Drexel University, 2007

Graduate Students


Anthony D’Amico

PhD Student, Chemical Engineering

BS, Chemical Engineering, University of New Hampshire, 2014

Experimental and computational analysis of processing-structure-property relationships in fused deposition modeling


Ivan Ding

PhD Student, Chemical Engineering

BS, Drexel University, 2015

Controlled release of growth factors from polyelectrolyte multilayers


Xuejian Lyu

PhD Student, Materials Science & Engineering

MS, Materials Science & Engineering, WPI, 2015

BS, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Processing-structure-property relationships in polyelectrolyte complexes and multilayers


Undergraduate Students

     IMG_20151209_171122176 (2)

Brandon Clark

Class of 2018, Chemical Engineering

Thermal analysis of polyelectrolytes



David Lech

Class of 2019, Chemical Engineering

Irreversible thermal strains in material extrusion additive manufacturing


Allison McCrady

Class of 2019, Biomedical Engineering, Trine University (REU)

Controlling cell adhesion to polyelectrolyte multilayers


Elizabeth Towle

Class of 2018, Chemical Engineering

Controlled release from polyelectrolyte multilayers


Connor Barrett, BS 2017 Mechanical Engineering

Matt Carpenter, BS 2016 Chemical Engineering. Current: WPI (MS Materials)

Yixi Chen, BS 2015 Chemical Engineering. Current: Texas A&M

Analise Debaie, BS 2016 Chemical Engineering. Current: Optum

Sebastien Deveau, BS 2017 Chemical Engineering

Adaeze Eneli, BS 2016 Chemical Engineering Ohio State (REU 2015)

Max Foster, BS 2017 Chemical Engineering

Surabhi Godbole, Class of 2018 Chemical Engineering Northeastern (REU 2016)

Alex Haring, BS 2015 Chemical Engineering. Current: Virginia Tech

Tom Harless, BS 2015 Chemical Engineering

Paul Hastings, BS 2015 Chemistry

Ed Li, BS 2015 Chemical Engineering

Ryan Loucks, BS 2016 Civil Engineering

Jake Manning, MS 2016 Materials Engineering. Current: Cogmedix

Kristin Markuson, BS 2017 Mechanical Engineering

Manuel Martinez-Connor, BS 2017 Mathematics Assumption College (REU 2015)

Mila Maynard, BS 2017 Mechanical Engineering

Carly Morrison, BS 2015 Chemical Engineering. Current: Pfizer

Logan Nichols, BS 2017 Chemical Engineering

Vinay Pai, BS 2015 Chemical Engineering. Current: IBM

Andrew Portera, BS 2015 Chemical Engineering. Current: Raytheon

Joe Presing, BS 2017 Mechanical Engineering

Nick Rice, BS 2015 Civil Engineering

Claire Salvi, MS 2015 Chemical Engineering. Current: Lhoist

Anna Schab, BS 2017 Civil Engineering

Rasmia Shamsi, BS 2017 UMass Amherst (REU 2014). Current: United Technologies

Zachary Shepard, Class of 2019 Natural Sciences Assumption College (REU 2016)

Nick Smith, BS 2015 Civil Engineering

Elise St. Lauren, BS 2015 Chemical Engineering. Current: Koch Membrane Systems

Chris Xia, BS 2015 Chemical Engineering

Huilin Yang, BS 2017 Chemical Engineering. Current: Johns Hopkins